Hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings have quickly become a popular way of meeting that combines the best of both worlds. Invite up to 250 remote participants and let a few participate on site!

Hybrid meetng 1

Suitable for example internal meetings focusing on interaction between remote participants and on site.

- Start-up technician
- 1 camera or speaker
- Sent via any platform
- Up to 250 virtual participants

Price SEK 3.200 ex. VAT.

Rent for room will be added.

Hybrid meeting 2

Better suited for external meetings with high demands on image quality and technical support. Up to two people can present with a microphone on site and the focus is on interaction between participants at a distance and physically.

- Technicians on site throughout the webinar
- Streaming laptop (including streaming software)
- Image- and sound mixer
- 2 headset microphones
- 1 camera on tripod + headlights
- Laptop for presentation + clicker
- Internet
- Recording of the webinar stored on external hard disk drive

Half-day price from SEK 20 900 excluding VAT.
Full-day price from SEK 28 900 excluding VAT.

Rent for room will be added.

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