Webinars & Trainings

During a webinar, a one-way dialogue usually takes place where only the presenter is the one who is seen and heard on the screen. Remote participants connect via a computer or mobile – and can ask questions via a chat. Choose from our various package solutions!

Webinar 1

Perfect for example, internal meetings and quick meetings where only one-way dialogue takes place. The lecturer, who presents on site, is completely independent and participation takes place entirely at a distance.

- Start-up technician
- 1 camera or speaker
- Sent via any platform
- Up to 250 virtual participants

Price SEK 3.200 excluding VAT.

Rent for venue will be added.

Webinar 2

Suitable for webinars for external participants, where there are high demands on image quality. There is also a need for on-site technical support throughout the broadcast.

- Technicians on site throughout the webinar
- 2 headset microphones
- 1 camera on tripod + headlights
- Computer for presentation + clicker
- Clock for countdown
- Recording of the webinar stored on external hard disk drive
- Up 12 people in the meeting room

Half-day price from SEK 16.900 excluding VAT.
Full-day price from SEK 24.900 excluding VAT.

Rent for venue is included in the price.

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