7A Posthuset

Located just a stone's throw from Stockholm Central Station, the red-yellow brick building with the clock tower as its signature stands out. The facade construction and the well-preserved halls are a masterpiece from 1903. The property, which was long home to the Swedish mail service “Posten”, was in 2019 converted into Stockholm's new meeting place with 17 000 square meters of offices and conference rooms. Welcome to 7A Posthuset!

Private Office

Private offices from a few up to hundreds of square meters big in the middle of central Stockholm.

Flex Office

For larger companies that want to rent private office space from 200 square meters and up.

Business Lounge

A flexible membership that gives you access to modern lounges with full service at four attractive addresses in the middle of the city.

Virtual Office

Perfect solution for those who need an attractive business address - but not a physical workplace.


7A Posthuset offers approximately 20 unique meeting rooms in all sizes.


The property's historic character makes 7A Posthuset an excellent choice for your next event.

Office solutions in all sizes

7A Posthuset offers office spaces in close proximity to coworking lounges, meeting rooms and phone booths. All employees, regardless of the company's size, also have access to all services and common areas you can expect from a modern office facility. Move freely between our four facilities in central Stockholm and work from the area that suits you best for the day! We always find a smart solution regardless of whether your company is in the early stages or far along in the expansion plans. Rent an ergonomic, bright, and fully furnished office space with just the number of workstations you need. With the possibility to scale up or scale down if necessary. You can also rent a private office space from 200 square meters and up with its own entrance, kitchen, meeting rooms, and meeting areas.

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Stockholm's new meeting space

7A Posthuset offers flexible and modern conference rooms in a unique environment, for both small and large groups. There are around 20 conference rooms in varying sizes that can easily be adapted to the size and wishes of the party. For exclusive events, it is also possible to book the entire floor.

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Historic environments dating back to 1903

In this magnificent property, the wings of history are constantly present. The house was inaugurated with royal presence in 1903 and is a piece of Swedish cultural history. When 7A took over a big part of the property, it was the first time in a long time that the public had the opportunity to experience the unique building from the inside. With strive to make your experience with us something out of the ordinary.