Updated – 14th of January 2022


On the 12th of January 2022, the Swedish Public Health Agency introduced further measures against the increased spread of infection in Sweden.

What does this mean for you who book meetings and conferences with us at 7A?

The new restrictions issued by the government for public gatherings and public events do not generally apply to meetings and conferences of companies and organizations. Therefore, events organized at 7A are exempt from the current restrictions. In order for you to feel safe in continuing to book meetings with us, we ensure that parties keep their distance from each other, we furnish with plenty of air between tables and chairs in all conference rooms and ensure that there are no queues for buffets and bars.

We are happy to answer your questions and help you book safe meetings at 7A. Contact sales@7a.se or call 08 586 107 00 for more information.

Should your event unexpectedly require proof of vaccination, we will of course assist with the logistics around it. If you want to test your participants for ongoing infection, we can also offer Antigen Test.



We follow the industry and employer organization Visita’s measures for the spread of infection, which were developed in the spring of 2020 through the Safe to visit campaign. You can read more about it here.


In these times, caring for one another is more important than ever

We urge everyone, guests as well as employees, to continue to keep their distance and be extra careful with good hand hygiene. At our facilities, we have zero tolerance for symptoms linked to Covid-19 – both employees and guests must stay at home at the slightest sign of illness, according to the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations.


 Hygiene and cleaning

The cleaning of our common areas has continued to be expanded, with a focus on surfaces that many come into contact with. These include:

Kitchen / kitchenette and toilets in general
Water taps / taps in kitchenettes and lounges
Coffee machines and coffee stations
Keypads in general (lighting, lifts, code locks, printers, postage machines etc)
Door handles for entrances, meeting rooms and public areas
Hand sanitiser is available at strategic locations around our premises and meeting rooms. All offices are cleaned according to what has been agreed in each rental agreement, with extra focus on contact areas. Extra cleaning can be ordered, contact reception if needed.


Help to do the right thing

To make it easier for everyone who stays in our premises to act in a way that prevents the spread of infection, we have, among other things, done the following:

Signage in entrances and elevators with reference to alternative roads and an invitation to keep your distance

Signage in other public areas, such as lounges, kitchenettes, kitchen and mingling areas with a call to keep your distance

Signage on all toilets and in kitchen areas with a call for hand washing

Distance markings around receptions, open workplaces (eg project managers’) etc.

Signed recommendations for the number of people in meeting rooms and lunchrooms

Hand sanitiser easily accessible in strategic locations


We urge all our employees and guests to stay updated from the competent authorities: http: //www.folkhälsomyndigheten.se and https://www.krisinformation.se



We would like to take the opportunity to remind you of all the opportunities we have to tailor packages and arrangements that make your stay at 7A easier, which makes it feel safer to meet despite the situation we are in.


Rapid test for ongoing infection with Covid-19

You can now quickly test all meeting participants for ongoing Covid-19 infection. The testing takes place at the meeting facility before the conference begins and is performed by trained healthcare staff from our test supplier Noviral. Get answers within 15 minutes and participate in the meeting with minimal risk of spreading the infection. Read more about how the testing is done and book here!


Hybrid meetings and digital events

We have extensive experience of creating successful meeting experiences online and offer solutions for both hybrid meetings and digital events. An efficient and flexible way to reach participants who for various reasons do not have the opportunity to participate on site. Read more about our arrangements for video conferencing and digital meetings here!


Digital viewings

Instead of visiting our facilities, we now offer the opportunity for digital viewings where you are guided through our vacant offices and meeting rooms via video link.


Do you have questions or concerns?

We are always here to answer questions and help you in the best way. Read more in our information sheet here and get in touch with our booking department and we will be happy to help you develop a tailor-made meeting plan that suits your situation. We are here as usual to help you find the best solution for your meeting!

Information regarding Covid-19

Measures against the spread of infection at 7A