Everything started when we entered an echoing storey in Strandvägen, Stockholm.

Back then, this was an empty space. The people that would eventually fill it up were yet to make their way here. There were no guests, no conference participants or co-workers. And as for us, frankly we didn’t know much about running neither an office space nor a conference facility.

However, we knew two things. We love meetings. And we love people.

15 years, sixty employees and tens of thousands of square meters later we sometimes look at each other and shake our heads. How did this happen? We do understand that this is not thanks to us, it’s thanks to our incredible co-workers and guests.


We dare to say that on our premises, most things have taken place. Tenants have married each other, big visions have been hatched, and people have had the chance of developing both themselves and their colleagues.

And as for us, we’ve had the privilege of making all this possible. So come here with two empty hands you too. Give us the opportunity to fill them for you just as we’ve done with our facilities.

Bosse and Fredrik
Owners and founders 7A

7A is climate certified with Svanen

The conference at 7A has passed Svanens extensive climate review. That is why we are proud to have been awarded the Nordics' official environmental label - Svanenmärkningen. The environmental label guarantees that we at 7A take broad account of several different aspects of sustainability and that we have a life cycle perspective in the entire conference business.

Members of Visita

Visita is an industry and employer organization for the Swedish tourism industry. Visita signs the industry's collective agreement and is a member-based organization in the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

A part of Svenska Möten

The fact that 7A is selected by Svenska Möten is a guarantee for you as a customer that we meet high quality requirements and are certified according to the Svenska Möten classification system. We are simply professionals in guiding you to better meetings! 7A is an owner of Svenska Möten together with about 130 other selected meeting facilities around Sweden. Like all other facilities, we are Nordic Ecolabelled or members of the Nordic Ecolabel network. Read more at www.svenskamoten.se

IACC certified

A global community of passionate people and companies delivering innovative and exceptional meeting experiences. IACCs mission is to bring together and promote venues with exceptional meeting experiences. Together with 300 venues in 23 countries, we are a part of IACC.

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