Digital meetings and events

Modern equipment and careful preparation are necessary to create extraordinary meeting experiences online. We meet the conditions to produce everything from professional hybrid events to secure video conferences – for one up to hundreds of remote participants.

Package solutions for digital meetings

Digital meetings have become the new normal, a key part of our everyday work life. With the right circumstances it can conduct more productive and efficient meetings. It also enables you to reach more participants digitally and the risk of cancellation is low.

However, technical competence is required to create an equivalent experience of a physical event. At 7A we have an extensive experience of creating successful and online meetings and offers complete solutions for all types of virtual meetings. Keep on reading to find out more about our solutions or contact us directly!

Venues for webinars

During a webinar, in other words a digital seminar, communication is usually limited so that only the presenter is the one who is seen and heard on the screen. Participants can easily connect via a computer or mobile - and interact and ask questions in the live chat. The lecturer on site has the opportunity to show presentations, share a screen and draw on flipcharts. Read more about our packages and solutions for webinars and digital trainings!

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Professional hybrid meetings

Hybrid meetings have quickly become a popular way of meeting that combines physical presence with the best that modern technology has to offer. The best of both worlds? Interaction plays the lead role, and you can choose how many people to participate on site or via video link. Choose between our packages based on the number of participants on site and the need for technical support during the meeting!

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Video conferences for important meetings

Are you having a conference with international colleagues or a start-up meeting with a new customer? Invite your participants to a video conference led from one of our video meeting rooms. Our staff will help you set up the equipment well in advance before the meeting starts. Click below to read more about our video conference solutions!

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