Business Lounge

Is mail and courier handling included?

Yes, you can have your mail sent to your main facility at no additional handling cost. If you need help booking a pick-up, please feel free to contact us at the reception.

Can I bring my dog?

No, with regards to those who are allergic, dogs are not allowed in our lounge areas and other common areas.

Can I bring a guest?

Yes, you can bring a guest if you have a scheduled meeting. However, your guest is not allowed to stay and work by him/herself. This is because each lounge area has a maximum capacity. Why not offer your guest a free membership in the lounge for a week? All they need to do is fill in their details here.

How much does it cost to book a meeting room?

Prices vary depending on the size and equipment you need. See current prices for our meeting rooms on the Customer Portal or ask us in the reception.

What type of meeting rooms are included in my membership?

All facilities offer several free of charge drop-in meeting rooms, which you can use for a maximum of one hour. Do you need to book a meeting room for a longer meeting or a larger party? Book easily via the Customer Portal (login details can be obtained by email) or via the reception. The cost is added to the monthly invoice.

Can I get a sign at the gate with my company name?

Yes, you can get a sign at the gate at your chosen main facility.

Is breakfast and social activities included?

Yes, once a week, each facility serves a delicious breakfast buffet. You can always enjoy the breakfast at all our facilities. Every month we also arrange other staff activities such as after works, training classes and other fun activities.

Can I warm up and eat brought food in your preemies?

As a business lounge member you have access to a fully equipped kitchen with microwaves.

Is coffee/tea included?

Yes! You and your visitors always have unlimited access to both coffee and tea.

What types of workplaces are available at 7A?

In our lounge areas you will find everything from comfortable sofas, ergonomic workplaces with height adjustable desks, telephone cabins and quiet compartments.

Between what times do I have access to the lounges?

As a business lounge member (regardless of the selected main facility), you have 24/7 access with a private access card to 7A Odenplan and 7A Vasagatan. Access to 7A Strandvägen and 7A Posthuset refers to weekdays 07.30 – 17.30. You can sit longer than 17:30 and work, but you are not able to go out and get back in. This is a safety measure as these entrances are located at the street level.

What is your period of notice?

You can always cancel your membership at any time with three-months period of notice.

Can I share my membership with someone else?

No, your membership is personal and cannot be shared with anyone else. Do you have colleagues that would like to become members as well? Contact and we will arrange access the same day!

Is Wi-fi included?

Of course, wi-fi is free in all common areas!

Can I store my computer somewhere during lunch?

Yes, we offer lockers that can be rented for a small amount monthly.

What is a Business lounge membership? Is it possible to rent the lounge by the hour, day, week, or month?

The membership is personal and is charged monthly. You get access to coworking at four facilities, regardless of which main facility you choose. If you want to book a day pass, you can do so via our partner Respaces.

Are there showers and changing rooms at your facilities?

Yes, showers and changing rooms are available at all our facilities.

What kind of companies are members at 7A?

Our members range from established companies to start-ups and one-man businesses, across all types of industries. Take the opportunity to expand your personal network and make new valuable contacts!

How do I submit an inquiry of interest?

How fun that you are interested in our office solutions! You are welcome to contact us via our interest form here on the website or email You can also call us 08-586 107 00.

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