Flex Office

My company are Flex Office members, but we need an event space for our Christmas party. What are the possibilities at 7A?

At 7A, you will find the best location for all types of conferences and events. We offer meeting rooms with capacity from 2-350 people and we can help you arrange everything from board meetings to all-day conferences, dinners, and corporate events. As a tenant, you always get a generous discount at all four meeting facilities!

What is included in the Flex Office membership?

As a tenant at 7A, you and all your employees have access to all common areas and meeting rooms at all facilities. Every week we also serve breakfasts, arrange after works and training classes such as yoga and physical training.

Our company is not liable for VAT, is Flex Office an option for us?

Absolutely! At 7A Posthuset, VAT-exempt businesses have the possibility to rent private office spaces from 200 sqm and upwards.

What is Flex Office?

At 7A Posthuset we offer private office space from 200 sqm and above for larger companies in need of private office spaces – with all service included. Rent your own floor and take the opportunity to customize a modern office environment with private entrance, reception, and private facilities. As a tenant at 7A, all employees at the company also have access to our common areas and social activities at all facilities.

How do I submit an inquiry of interest?

How fun that you are interested in our office solutions! You are welcome to contact us via our interest form here on the website or email You can also call us 08-586 107 00.

I am considering your solution in comparison with renting my own premises, why should I choose 7A?

At 7A, you only pay for your efficient office space you currently use. You also get access to common areas and all kinds of services – regardless of the number of employees. At 7A, you can rent an entire floor that is protected and designed according to your requirements. Moreover, you avoid getting stuck in long contracts that are not customized accordingly to your business development.

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