Private Office

Do you cooperate with any hotels nearby your facilities?

Yes, we offer favorable rates at several hotels near our meeting facilities. Contact us and you will receive a discount code and suggestions for hotels near the meeting facility you have chosen.

I would like to visit your premises, how do I book a viewing?

You can send and request for interest directly on our website, call us on 08-586 107 00 or email, and one of our team members is more than happy to welcome you for a viewing!

Are free meeting room hours included in the rent?

Free meeting rooms are available at all facilities, which you are welcome to use, subject to availability. You will also find telephone booths on each floor for undisturbed calls and digital meetings. Our larger meeting rooms can be booked for an hourly rate. Our facilities are also perfect If you are planning a conference, large event or perhaps a summer or Christmas party.

Can I book a meeting room at a facility other than where I have my office?

Yes, of course. You are welcome to book meeting rooms at all our facilities! This also applies to the lounge areas that you and your colleagues are always welcome to use.

Can I repaint the office I rent from you?

Yes, it is possible to repaint the office in desired colors or in accordance with the company profile. However, you will need to restore the room before you move out or change offices.

Can we bring our own furniture to our new office?

Yes, you are welcome to decorate your office however you want. However, the rent includes an ergonomic office chair, a height-adjustable desk and one lockable storage per employee.

I would like to book a conference room, do I get any discount as a tenant?

Yes, all tenants at 7A get a 20% discount on conference rooms at all four facilities. Get in touch with and they will help you with your inquiry!

Are there showers and changing rooms at your facilities?

Yes, showers and changing rooms are available at all our facilities.

What kind of companies are members at 7A?

Our members range from established companies to start-ups and one-man businesses, across all types of industries. Take the opportunity to expand your personal network and make new valuable contacts!

How do I submit an inquiry of interest?

How fun that you are interested in our office solutions! You are welcome to contact us via our interest form here on the website or email You can also call us 08-586 107 00.

I am considering your solution in comparison with renting my own premises, why should I choose 7A?

At 7A, you only pay for your efficient office space you currently use. You also get access to common areas and all kinds of services – regardless of the number of employees. At 7A, you can rent an entire floor that is protected and designed according to your requirements. Moreover, you avoid getting stuck in long contracts that are not customized accordingly to your business development.

My company is not liable for VAT, can I still be a tenant at 7A?

Absolutely! We can accommodate both small and large non-VAT companies and organizations.

I do not know what my needs will look like in a year, how flexible are you with rental terms?

At 7A, you can grow from one day to another and scale down with only three months’ notice. If you want to switch to a smaller office, we will do everything we can to find a new tenant for your current office during the notice period.

Can I bring my dog to the office?

Dogs are allowed at 7A. As long as the dog is housetrained and stays in the office, and not in our common areas.

What is included when I rent an office at 7a?

Much and little more! Apart from office furniture, fast Wi-Fi, and tasty coffee, we also offer activities such as breakfast, training classes and after works. You also have access to all our lounge areas and the possibility to book meetings rooms at all four facilities.

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