Can I work at my desk in the evenings and during weekend?

The reception is staffed weekdays between 08.00-17.00. But you can always enter your selected facility at other times, even weekends, by using your badge.

What is included when I rent a workspace?

You get your own, fully furnished work area with storage. You also get access to all our lounge areas, telephone booths and kitchen where you can heat your food. Moreover, all services you would expect from a modern office such as cleaning, fast internet and fantastic coffee is included. We also serve breakfast every week and organize activities such as training classes, after works and much more!

Is coffee/tea included?

Yes! You and your visitors always have unlimited access to both coffee and tea.

Is Wi-fi included?

Of course, wi-fi is free in all common areas!

Are there showers and changing rooms at your facilities?

Yes, showers and changing rooms are available at all our facilities.

How do I submit an inquiry of interest?

How fun that you are interested in our office solutions! You are welcome to contact us via our interest form here on the website or email You can also call us 08-586 107 00.

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