At 7A, we strive to burden the environment as little as possible in our daily work. Green electricity, fair trade coffee and climate-neutral corridor carpets are just some of the environmental improvement measures we have chosen to focus on.

7A has high sustainability goals and we see it as a given to leave as small a climate footprint behind as possible. With a focus on good health and well-being, good working conditions, as well as sustainable consumption and production, we actively work towards the UN's global sustainability goals.

Our conference at 7A have undergone and passed a very extensive sustainability review. We have thus been awarded the Nordics' official environmental label - Svanen. The environmental label guarantees that 7A takes multiple aspects of sustainability into account and that we have a life cycle perspective in our conference operations.

For example, Svanen places high demands on 7A to be able to offer organic and locally produced food, a functioning source sorting system and active work to reduce the amount of food waste.

In 2012, we opened 7A Vasagatan, in the middle of Stockholm city at Vasagatan 7. Here we offer flexible offices and coworking in Sweden's first LEED-certified building. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) assesses, among other things, energy use, indoor climate, use of recycled and locally produced materials as well as innovation and design. The building's location, access to public transport and service range also play a role. All these factors have a big impact on how people experience their everyday life at work.

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