Whistleblower Policy

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Why Whistleblow?

At 7A Sevena AB, we strive to maintain an open and transparent workplace where misconduct is not tolerated. By providing you with the opportunity to blow the whistle, we uphold this together. We use the Whistle’s whistleblower channel, ensuring your anonymity and high security, which you can access by clicking here: Whistle – Seven A (whistle-report.com)

Who Can Report?

Simply put, you can report misconduct if you are currently or have been associated with 7A Sevena AB. If you are unsure, we encourage you to read more in our whistleblower policy.

What Can Be Reported?

We encourage you to blow the whistle if you suspect any misconduct within the company that is in the public interest. If you are unsure, we encourage you to read more in our whistleblower policy. You do not need evidence for your suspicion, but all reports must be made in good faith.

How Is the Reporting Handled?

Reporting is handled confidentially. All irrelevant personal information will be deleted, and the case will only be retained as long as necessary. Our cases are initially handled by Lindahl Law Firm to ensure independent case management, after which our internal contacts may take over the case.

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Do You Have More Questions?

If you want to know more about our handling of whistleblower cases or personal data, please refer to the documents below:

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Full Whistleblower Policy

GDPR Policy

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