Our studio in 7A Posthuset is equipped with a complete range of technology and two comfortable armchairs. Here you can arrange everything from presentations and debates to corporate events or product launches. No previous knowledge is required!

Our studio packages always include:

  • - Live broadcast from any collaboration platform.
    - A transmission technician on site throughout the recording and during planning.
    - Broadcast laptop (including streaming software).
    - Laptop for presentation + clicker
    - Image mixer & sound mixer.
    - Image monitor & audio monitor.
    - TV screen on stand
    - Headlights & taillights.
    - Fixed internet.
    - Recording of the event (delivered as mp4 file).
    - Fixed furniture.

Studio 1

Perfect for simpler broadcasts where the message is in focus. No major preparations are required and the presentation takes place in front of a TV screen.

- 1 camera
- 1 computer
- 1 headset
- 1 55´ TV screen
- Name plate of the current person in picture

Half-day price  29 900 SEK excl. VAT.
Full-day price  35 900 SEK excl. VAT.

Studio 2

This is our most popular package. Includes two cameras for high quality productions and three microphones for more than on presenter on site.

- Technician
- 2 cameras (full screen + close up)
- 1 laptop (for screen sharing)
- 3 headsets
- 1 handheld microphone
- Name plate of the current person in picture
- 1 55 'TV screen


Price (full-day)  38 900 SEK excl. VAT.


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